Press Release: New Free SMS Service

Dublin - Today Peter Stillman, Head of Marketing at, announced the arrival of a new worldwide text messaging service.

Customers are now able to send 101 free SMS text messages to any mobile phone in the world when they sign-up. At the current stage the service is available to residence in the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland only, but will soon be rolled out into other markets such as Canada or New Zealand. During the first week consumers can not only send 101 free text messages, but also download further mobile content.

In addition to this all content can either be downloaded to their own phone or it can be send to a friend as a gift, who will receive it free of charge. One of the special features of the new web text service includes the scheduling of messages and the enhanced phonebook functionality. "I am very exited about the new scheduling tool, which turns the application into a full reminder.", explains Peter Stillman. He continues: "I am personally using it now for more then three month for all my appointments and I am still impressed about its ease of use. It simply works".

So far free SMS services are quite popular in the US where companies like Yahoo or Google are already offering free text messaging. In other parts of the world however, these services are not available yet. tries to close this gap in the market and get people connected all over the world.

How to stop the service ...

Dear customers, over the course of the last few months we kept getting similar emails from our users who are asking us what to do if they want to stop the service. We would like to apologies to all of you if we haven't made it clear enough yet. Stopping the service is very easy and differs slightly depending of your country of residence. Please see below:

Text STOP to 66033

Text STOP to 19710197

Text STOP to 57030

Shortly after you have stopped the service you will get a free message confirming that you are now unsubscribed. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email. Simply go to and click on "contact us". We try to answer all emails with 24 hours.