Textual.tv now twitter compatible

I am happy to announce that www.textual.tv is now 100% twitter compatible. See the new twitter party badge for the latest news from Mr. Mobile and his friends. To see all the messages go to: http://twitter.com/textual or click into the badge.

If you want to see your own message there simply sign up to twitter, go to Mr. Mobile's profile (http://twitter.com/textual) and add him as your friend. You will then receive updates about everything that goes on at textual.tv directly onto your blog and/or your mobile. All the messages you send will also appear in the party badge.

Don't know what twitter is? With twitter you are able to post messages via SMS onto your twitter blog and publish them worldwide for all your friends to see. You also get all messages from your friends diretly onto your phone as a text message. Simply stay in touch with your friends, no matter where you are. Great stuff absolutely free! With textual you can now update your twitter blog from the comfort of your PC without using your phone. Simply send the SMS to your personal twitter phone number.