Another free SMS text service?

Since my decision to work on "another" free SMS web text portal, there is one question that I have been asked many times. Why are you doing this when there are already other websites out there doing the same ?

Well, why did apple invent the ipod when there was already the sony discman ? Both play music on the go, but one is simply(!) more convenient. With it is also all about simplicity and the ease of use. Usability is the key. People want to send cheap SMS and this is what they get. They don't want their phone to be spammed with "marketing" messages staight after they have signed up. They don't want to take part in surveys in order to gain free SMS. They most certainly do not want their friend to pay 5 Euros in order to open and read the messages they have just sent to them.

Believe it or not, but all these services exist and I think they ruin the image of web based SMS services and the advantages that they bring. is straightforward SMS with great add-ons like attaching a wallpaper to your messages or scheduling it for sending out later.

No Fuss No Mus, just simply text.

Delays for new beta testers

Thanks to all of you who applied for a beat tester account in the last few weeks. Unfortunately we are not able to handle all applications due to the large number of enquiries we are receiving at the moment. Athough it might take a while for us to response you can still sign-up for a beta tester account here.

Once you become a beta tester we will be sending you a simple checklist which we ask you to fill in along with any other comments you feel appropriate. Best of all we will offer you 250 FREE SMS from every week. In the meantime check our blog regulary for further news and updates.

Mr. Mobile's Family

I am happy to introduce the latest members of my family. Have a look at the sketch below. I will soon post an update with some more details. In the meantime feel free to send your comments and suggestions for their names.