Udpate March 27th

Just a quick update for our beta testers. We have finished a critical update last night that will resolve some issues around sending your free text messages to any of your contacts and your groups.

Official launch date

Textual.tv is not live to the public yet. We are in an extensive testing phase at the moment and plan to go live on June 15th 2007. But you can already check out our website to get a rough idea of what the free SMS service will be like. You might be interested in a applying to become an early beta tester

What is www.textual.tv

Simply speaking: http://www.textual.tv/ is a new website that lets you send cheap SMS over the internet from any PC to any mobile phone in the world. It is a simple straight forward service with now strings attached. You set-up your own phonebook, create groups for your friends and can even schedule your SMS to go out at a certain date. It works great e.g. as reminder messages for birthdays or important meetings.

What exactly do mean by cheap?
Well, textual.tv is in fact not only cheap, but every new subscriber gets 5 SMS absolutely free. It costs nothing, zero, nada. Only after sending the 5th message you pay as little as 1 cent per SMS*.

What about spam?
We are well aware of the amount of rubbish and spam that people receive every day not only to their mail account but also to their phone. Therefore we guarantee that you will not receive any offers or information from third party companies. We do everything to protect your privacy and keep your phone clean from any potential spam. For more details have a look at our privacy statement.

So you are doing SMS! Is this it?
Yes we are doing simply SMS. Easy and straight forward. But wouldn’t it be great if you could also attach a picture to your text message? Well that’s why we have created or fun stuff section. You can either download wallpapers to your own phone or send them on to your friends. Let’s say you have just sent a happy birthday messages. You can now upgrade it by attaching a funny birthday wallpaper.

What else can I expect from this webblog?
This is the official weblog of http://www.textual.tv/ and includes regular updates on our service, an inside view into the concept of the website, details about the artist behind Mr. Mobile and tips and tricks on how to make the most out of the service.

It also gives you the opportunity to let us know what you think. Please don't hesitate to send us your comments and feedback.

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