Press Release: New Free SMS Service

Dublin - Today Peter Stillman, Head of Marketing at, announced the arrival of a new worldwide text messaging service.

Customers are now able to send 101 free SMS text messages to any mobile phone in the world when they sign-up. At the current stage the service is available to residence in the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland only, but will soon be rolled out into other markets such as Canada or New Zealand. During the first week consumers can not only send 101 free text messages, but also download further mobile content.

In addition to this all content can either be downloaded to their own phone or it can be send to a friend as a gift, who will receive it free of charge. One of the special features of the new web text service includes the scheduling of messages and the enhanced phonebook functionality. "I am very exited about the new scheduling tool, which turns the application into a full reminder.", explains Peter Stillman. He continues: "I am personally using it now for more then three month for all my appointments and I am still impressed about its ease of use. It simply works".

So far free SMS services are quite popular in the US where companies like Yahoo or Google are already offering free text messaging. In other parts of the world however, these services are not available yet. tries to close this gap in the market and get people connected all over the world.

How to stop the service ...

Dear customers, over the course of the last few months we kept getting similar emails from our users who are asking us what to do if they want to stop the service. We would like to apologies to all of you if we haven't made it clear enough yet. Stopping the service is very easy and differs slightly depending of your country of residence. Please see below:

Text STOP to 66033

Text STOP to 19710197

Text STOP to 57030

Shortly after you have stopped the service you will get a free message confirming that you are now unsubscribed. If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact us via phone or email. Simply go to and click on "contact us". We try to answer all emails with 24 hours.

Give your thumb a break

Send Free SMS with and give your thumb a break now twitter compatible

I am happy to announce that is now 100% twitter compatible. See the new twitter party badge for the latest news from Mr. Mobile and his friends. To see all the messages go to: or click into the badge.

If you want to see your own message there simply sign up to twitter, go to Mr. Mobile's profile ( and add him as your friend. You will then receive updates about everything that goes on at directly onto your blog and/or your mobile. All the messages you send will also appear in the party badge.

Don't know what twitter is? With twitter you are able to post messages via SMS onto your twitter blog and publish them worldwide for all your friends to see. You also get all messages from your friends diretly onto your phone as a text message. Simply stay in touch with your friends, no matter where you are. Great stuff absolutely free! With textual you can now update your twitter blog from the comfort of your PC without using your phone. Simply send the SMS to your personal twitter phone number.

Send 101 free SMS text

A big thanks you goes to all our beta testers. I hope you enjoyed yourselves working on the project over the last two month and are as happy as I am to reach the final development stage. The new official launch date is now: Wednesday, June 27th.

We will be launching in Ireland first and decided to change our initial offer of 5 free SMS. Irish users will now be getting "101 free SMS text messages" when they sign up for the first week. After that each SMS costs as little as 1 cent as part of weekly service. Personally I am looking forward to Wednesday to kick-start our online campaign and spread the word that textual is finally live. In the meantime please have a look at our updated fun stuff section. I think it looks great now.

Another free SMS text service?

Since my decision to work on "another" free SMS web text portal, there is one question that I have been asked many times. Why are you doing this when there are already other websites out there doing the same ?

Well, why did apple invent the ipod when there was already the sony discman ? Both play music on the go, but one is simply(!) more convenient. With it is also all about simplicity and the ease of use. Usability is the key. People want to send cheap SMS and this is what they get. They don't want their phone to be spammed with "marketing" messages staight after they have signed up. They don't want to take part in surveys in order to gain free SMS. They most certainly do not want their friend to pay 5 Euros in order to open and read the messages they have just sent to them.

Believe it or not, but all these services exist and I think they ruin the image of web based SMS services and the advantages that they bring. is straightforward SMS with great add-ons like attaching a wallpaper to your messages or scheduling it for sending out later.

No Fuss No Mus, just simply text.

Delays for new beta testers

Thanks to all of you who applied for a beat tester account in the last few weeks. Unfortunately we are not able to handle all applications due to the large number of enquiries we are receiving at the moment. Athough it might take a while for us to response you can still sign-up for a beta tester account here.

Once you become a beta tester we will be sending you a simple checklist which we ask you to fill in along with any other comments you feel appropriate. Best of all we will offer you 250 FREE SMS from every week. In the meantime check our blog regulary for further news and updates.